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Tuesday, 01-10-2017

A little more than 6 months before the beginning of the 2017 F16 Europeans !

Even if the registration for the event is not yet open, it is time to book your accommodation.

We have published a list of recommended accommodations : camping (tcs camping Morges is next to the club), rooms, flats, houses, BnB or youth hostel. You will find everything here :

The region is very popular in summer, so if you want to find something close to the regatta course and not too expensive we encourage you to book now.

Take direct contact with the hostellers since we do not make reservations.

If you need further help, please contact us.

The organizing committee


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The event


The Voile Libre Morges is very proud to host the 2017 European Championship of the F16 Formula.

The competition will bring together more than fifty of the best teams in Europe to compete for the European Title.

Maximum 16 races in 4 days in the Bay of Morges !

Morges is nicknamed here " Morges the pretty " because of her charm. In a wine-making environment with the best Swiss cellar of year 2015, magnificent landscapes and welcoming inhabitants you will spend an unforgettable week on the water and on the shore.

Latest News

Event schedule

Planned Schedule (not confirmed)

Certifications of New Equipments
Accedebant enim eius asperitati, ubi inminuta vel laesa amplitudo imperii dicebatur, et iracundae suspicionum quantitati proximorum cruentae blanditiae exaggerantium incidentia et dolere inpendio simulantium, si principis periclitetur vita, a cuius salute velut filo pendere statum orbis terrarum fictis vocibus exclamabant.
Practice race
Some practice races will be held
Opening ceremony
A super ceremony for the crews and the spectators





Main figures

43 crews

9 nations

4 days of races

For visitors / Spectateurs

Le Voile Libre Morges, organisateur de la compétition, vous accueillera avec plaisir pendant la durée du Championnat.

La plupart des concurrents seront déjà présents dès le samedi 15 juillet. Les bateaux seront visibles en accès libre sur la pelouse du Port du Petit-Bois. Vous pourrez admirer de près ces multicoques.

La cérémonie d'ouverture aura lieu le dimanche 16 juillet dans la cour du Château de Morges.

Les compétitions officielles débuteront le lundi 17 juillet dès 10h00. Jusqu'à 4 manches pourront être courues par journée.

Selon les conditions météorologiques, les parcours seront mouillés dans la baie de Morges.

N'hésitez pas à venir passer un moment vers nous !



For sailors

Are you still not sure to come ? Do not hesitate any more !

We are going to organize not only a great sporting event but also a pleasant social event for all sailors !

No matter your favorite brand of catamaran. You will all be welcomed in Morges. Just be fast !

Our sponsors

We are still looking for sponsors to support the organization. Do not hesitate to ask for our sponsorship file.

  • Morges
  • Swiss Olympic
  • Pfister
  • H2O Sensations

Our sponsors

We are still looking for sponsors to support the organization. Do not hesitate to ask for our sponsorship file